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PanaCast by Altia Systems looks to bring the natural human perspective to video conferencing. Through Panoramic-4K quality video we make sure you can “Be There From Anywhere®“.

Altia Systems® is a venture-backed company based in Cupertino, California and creator of the PanaCast® Experience. The founders are seasoned Silicon Valley professionals with a diverse set of skills centering on imaging, video, semiconductor and software technology. In late 2010 they developed the company’s vision, business plan and strategy and subsequently raised a Series A round of financing from investors with great entrepreneurial and early investor track records.

Early Years
The company’s formal product launch was at the Spring 2013 DEMO Mobile event in San Francisco. Altia Systems took the top show award of “DEMO God” for best new product launch, market visibility and start-up impact. In addition to the category award, it received a “DEMO Work” award for the most innovation in collaboration technologies.

Building on its launch momentum, the company was selected by TiE Silicon Valley for a TiE50 award. The TiE50 award is based on outstanding business model, intellectual property value and leadership team. In spring of 2014 Altia Systems raised a Series B round of $10.5M from Intel Capital.

The PanaCast solution is the first and only video and desktop collaboration system that enables anyone with a desktop or mobile device to communicate interactively, in real-time, through a 200º field-of-view video which replicates the natural human panoramic perspective, creating a natural “being there” experience.

Altia Systems followed up their first generation Panoramic video camera with the PanaCast 2 camera. PanaCast 2 is the world’s first Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play USB video camera that delivers a natural human perspective through an ultra-wide 180º wide, 54º tall field-of-view.
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